Guided tour to the mysteries of Ponte Vecchio in Florence

A guided tour to Ponte Vecchio, the most evocative florentine bridge

The wonderful autumn and spring days allow to better appreciate the cities of art thanks to the tranquility and the milder temperatures that make walks in the streets and avenues really nice and delightful.

This is the best time to think about taking a guided tour of the Ponte Vecchio, one of the most beautiful and evocative places in Florence and one of the most visited and photographed by tourists from around the world.

The mysteries of an icon of Florence

Contrary to popular belief, this bridge, an icon of the city of Florence, is as famous as so many unknown stories can be told about it. In this period, the Ponte Vecchio offers a truly spectacular view. The historical link between the two banks of the Arno River is even more suggestive by the series of jewellers that overlap it.

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A multisecular monument

The bridge we see in this day is one of the oldest structures in Florence. Its construction dates back to the post-flood period of 1333, one of the many that, unfortunately, had been affecting Florence over the centuries.

Although after the fourteen century flood there had been many floods, the bridge has resisted all of Arno’s threats, not to mention critical moments of tension and world conflicts, such as the tragic liberation of 1944, in which all Florentine bridges, except Ponte Vecchio, were destroyed. In fact, the Ponte was interested by those dramatic events.

tour ponte vecchiotour ponte vecchio

Some plaques with mysterious clues

The guided tour of Ponte Vecchio will start from Piazzale degli Uffizi. In the visit we will discover the buildings that are near the bridge, such as the Uffizi, the Church of Santa Felicita, Via di Calimala, the other bridges, such as the very elegant Santa Trinita‘s, or the towers and houses of the tower that are located near the bridge. But, in addition to that, there are many stories to know about the bridge and whose clues can be glimpsed at the time of crossing it, such as a plaque with Gothic characters, or another that is at the end of the right side with some Dante’s verses about from the beginning of a fight in Florence. You can discover the mysteries of Ponte Vecchio with a visit that you can book by writing to or by calling +393332591526 ⟣