Reviews & FAQ

The tours and trekking I carry out are private tours, that is, tours on request that must be booked by writing to [email protected] or by calling +393332591526 (also Whatsapp e Telegram).

You can consult my rates on the dedicated page by clicking here.

The rate is not meant per person but in total and it changes according to the hours of tour. So, independently from the number of people, both it is a family or a group, the rate is the same.

The joinable tours are appointments set on a certain date and at a certain time, in which you can participate by paying a fee that is lower in amount than that of a private tour.

I usually only do private tours and treks, so, tours on request. If joinable tours are scheduled, you can find them on the Facebook events page by clicking here. If once you open the page you cannot find tours, it means that at the moment there are no joinable tours and it is therefore possible to do only private tours.