Guided tour to Donatello's exhibition in Florence
A great exhibition dedicated to Donatello A guided tour dedicated to Donatello’s exhibition held...
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The deep humanity of Donatello on exhibition in Florence
The Imago pietatis: the Donatello’s icon of humanity in Florence In what I feel I can define as...
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The Annunciation of the Pinacoteca, one of the art works to see in Siena
The Annunciation of the Siena Pinacoteca The Annunciation by Ambrogio Lorenzetti preserved in the Siena...
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A look at the 'hidden' symbols of the Santa Maria Novella Basilica
The façade of the Santa Maria Novella church and its hidden symbols A finely decorated marble façade,...
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The San Bernardino Oratory, one of the museums to visit in Siena
One of the museums to visit in Siena It happens – and it has happened above all in the pre-Covid dynamics...
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A tour to the Bargello Museum to rediscover a great Florentine jewel
After months of waiting, the Bargello has reopened its doors. The Florentine Museum, reopened from 4...
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