For those who are not satisfied with conventional itineraries and want to get to the bottom of history, to get to know the essence of places and understand what made great cities like Florence and Siena. A series of thematic itineraries dedicated to the art, to make sure to don’t miss anything of the beauty that is kept in the places.

Siena Cathedral uncovered floor tour

The uncovered floor of Siena Cathedral Siena Cathedral uncovered floor tour is an unmissable opportunity not only to admire a jewel of Sienese art but also to enjoy the vision of a rare work of its kind. Also this year

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Siena Civic Museum Tour

The Siena Civic Museum in the ‘Palazzo Pubblico’, a symbol of medieval civilization The Siena Civic Museum tour is an unmissable experience to get to know a symbolic place of medieval civilization – one of the most famous in Italy and

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