The original Christmas gifts to buy in Siena

The original Christmas gifts to buy

Christmas is coming, but you still have to complete your purchases because you still need to buy some gifts for some relatives or friends? You know, this is the problem that many people are faced with and have to avoid being reduced to giving stock and repetitive gifts.

If you too are short of ideas, here are some proposals for original Christmas gifts to buy in Siena

And it is in the same historical center of the town that in these days sees the windows decorated with Christmas decorations, where you can still find objects that are handcrafted and designed with skill and passion.

A craft painting a candle, Fabbrica delle Candele, Siena

The Candle Factory

A few meters from Piazza del Campo, in Via dei Pellegrini, we find the Fabbrica delle Candele, a workshop that, contrary to what the name of the activity would suggest, makes candles using traditional methods. Open since 2001, the laboratory today follows traditional procedures, among which some candles stand out for their aesthetic effects whose visual result is similar to porcelain. Since there is no better time of year to think of candles as a gift, the suggestion I give you is to visit the workshop to choose the ones you like most among the different colours and shapes available, having included the possibility of customise your candle.

Samuele’s atelier

As for the Candle Factory one of the original Christmas gifts that you can buy in Siena is a beautiful print made in the Atelier of Samuele Calosi, a Florentine artist but naturalised as Sienese. Located in Via della Sapienza, the studio where Samuele dedicates himself to the patient creation of graphic works realized with china have as their subject scenes of peasant life, with a focus on the Tuscan countryside. The figures reproduced by Calosi, connotated by oversized human types, are characterised from a great evocative power, made mainly with Indian ink and made with the technique of pointillism. The original figure of Samuele’s creations also comes from the careful study conducted on texts and on medieval iconography in which the tools, faithfully reproduced in his works, are promptly documented. The investigation that moves the artist to take inspiration from ancient sources is not merely intellectualistic, but attempts to rediscover the deep roots of life in the Tuscan countryside which, ideally, is linked to the rural dimension of this land which is also the image more known and appreciated in our region in the world.

One of the works realised by Samuele Caolsi, Siena (digital photo courtesy of the artist)

Therefore, for those who love designer objects, but also want to distinguish themselves in making an alternative gift, they will find different solutions in the historic center of Siena, near the shopping trails, where the realisation of an object still implies a slow pace , a patient work and attention to detail, a methodology that can only be ensured by an object made with passion ⟢


Samuele Calosi ‘s workshop

La Fabbrica delle Candele