Night guided tour to the Uffizi Gallery

Visit the Uffizi with no queue

On the occasion of the night openings of the Uffizi, promoted from June until the end of September, every Tuesday night, an alternative and even smarter way to enjoy the visit in the Gallery with no queue, since that is the moment when the museum is less frequented and even fresher temperatures make the visit more enjoyable. So, why not live the charm and beauty of the Uffizi just by a night guided tour?

Could you imagine to being able to contemplate the masterpieces of the Gallery — the Venus by Botticelli, the Adoration of the Kings by Leonardo da Vinci, the Doni spouses’ portraits by Raphael Sanzio, the Doni Tondo by the great Michelangelo — absolutely without crowds and with the opportunity to approach the paintings, getting to appreciate even the smallest details.

Annunciation (detail), Gherardo delle Notti

In addition to that, the night visit to the Uffizi Gallery not only enables to appreciate the rooms with the great masters’ works but also to walk down the corridor of the second floor, commonly known as ‘Galleria delle Statue’ (Gallery of the sculptures), bringing the visitors back the exact scenery that the rooms had at the Medici family’s time, when the visit of this wonderful space was reserved only to heads of state or ambassadors who were visiting Florence when the city was the capital of the Grand Duchy.

Finally, we remember one more reason to book a night guided tour to the Uffizi: thanks to the suggestive atmosphere due to the decrease of daylight, the contemplation of some works would be even more suggestive, as it happens with the Caravaggio’s paintings — whose setting is eminently nocturnal — or those of other painters who were followers of the great lombard artist.

Among the “caravaggesque” there are Artemisia Gentileschi or Gerard Van Honthorst, the latter a Dutch painter who, just for setting his scenes almost ever at night was known in Florence with the Italianized name of Gherardo delle Notti – that is to say Gherardo de las Noches — who to illuminate the characters used almost exclusively the artificial light of torches or candles, which is also why the room where his paintings are housed is called “by candlelight”.

The guided night visit to the Uffizi: an unique experience

The night guided tour to the Uffizi Gallery enables so to discover the works of the museum that, just thanks to the lack of the daily crowds, can be easily admired from different angles. There is nothing better than to see the collection by a guided tour that will be organized every Tuesday night, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. so that the tour inside the biggest museum of Italian painting greatest can truly become a unique experience.