The events you can enjoy in Siena on occasion of the New Year’s Eve

siena new year's eve

New Year’s Eve in a city of art

According to tradition, New Year’s Eve is a time when you usually meet with friends or with your own family, to greet the arrival of the new year. In addition to the classic mountain goals, many are those who uncork the bottle of Spumante at midnight in the squares of the cities of art.

If you are among those who, to make the countdown, have planned to reach a Tuscan city, here are some suggestions of what can be done in Siena on the occasion of New Year’s Eve.

Among the most interesting cities to spend New Year’s Eve, surely Siena is one of the most interesting. Known for its historic horse race – the Palio – event that takes place in summer, the city, a UNESCO heritage site since 1995, enables its visitors to enjoy interesting events in the winter months as well. It is during this period that Christmas lights can be seen through the streets of the historic centre: from Via di città, passing through Via Banchi di Sopra, up to Piazza del Campo, the town is a triumph of colours and perfumes.

The local Panforte

Local specialties

Among several, Panforte is by no means the most famous sweet. Produced in the classic version – said Panpepato – or in the other ‘sweeter’ types, such as the ‘Margherita’. These are usually served at the end of lunch on the tables alongside the Ricciarelli, tasty cookies, made with almond paste; Finally, there are the Cantucci that, before eating them, you should wet them in a liquor wine, called Vin Santo.

Cosy spaces as taverns

In addition to grocery stores, sweets can also be found in the restaurants or taverns of the town where they can be ordered for dessert. But, if you want to know one of the small restaurants in Siena, do not expect to find huge spaces: Sienese people like doing things with love and without exaggeration.

That is the reason why the typical taverns environments are small and intimate. The cooks who prepare food love taking care of their guests, who are seen as relatives.

Then, do not miss the opportunity to visit the city for the next New Year’s Eve, or for the New Year’s Day, because you will also have the opportunity to join the many events planned for December 31 and for January 1. Walking around the town streets, as well as book a tour of the main monuments of the historic centre, is an original way to enjoy your stay in Siena on the occasion of New Year’s Eve ⟣