Ideas for a Gift Card: what about a guided tour of Florence?

A Gift Card for a customised gift

As has been the trend of recent years, Gift Cards are becoming the most common way to give a gift that truly satisfies the passions and expectations of those who receive them. In addition to the purchase of products, there are now Gift Cards that allows to have discounts for “experiences”, consisting of a large series of activities, such as yoga classes, tastings, cooking classes, etc.

What about a guided tour of Florence?

If you are looking for ideas on which type of Gift Card could be the most suitable to give, here I propose one that offers a bonus of € 25, or the value you want, for a guided tour of Florence or of another place in Tuscany where I normally work as guide, such as Siena, San Gimignano, Pienza or Montepulciano.

How can I use the Card if there are still restrictions because of Covid pandemic?

I guess you are wondering what’s the point to give a bonus for a tour if it cannot be used, given the current travel restrictions due to the Covid pandemic?

It is precisely for this reason that I am not proposing the Gift Card for this year, rather  the next one. Anyone who receives this gift can take advantage of it for the whole of 2021. And I’ll tell you more: considering the particular historical period – in which I do not hide that there is a great need to relaunch our tourist guide sector, which has been economically affected by the pandemic -, I offer an additional 25% discount on the tour rates for Gift Card recipients: therefore, instead of € 130 (3 hours of tour), the tour would cost € 95, then adding the discount voucher of € 25 , the recipient of the gift card would pay practically only € 70 out of his own pocket, instead of € 130 (the tour rate is meant in total, not per person. This means that a family, or even a group of friends up to 7 people, they always pay that price only once).

Does the card holder have to book a 3-hour tour?

No. The recipient or the recipients of the discount voucher can also book a 2-hour tour with me. Obviously, the price the cardholder would pay will be lower as well (e.g. 2 hours of tour would normally cost 90 €, but with the 25% discount I apply for card holders, the tour would be 65 €; then adding the discount coupon of the card, the price that the beneficiary would actually pay would be 40 € only.

Esempio di come si presenterà la Gift Card da stampare

Is the Gift Card valid for one person only?

The Gift Card is not nominal; this means that the value of 25 €, to be discounted at the total tour rate, can also be used by a couple, a family or a group of friends. It is also possible to give more than one Gift Card to the same nucleus. At that point the accumulated discount will be greater (50 € or 75 € discount coupon on the tour rate, in addition to the discounts already provided for card holders, as I wrote above).

How to get the Gift Card?

The Gift Card can be purchased directly on this page, using the secure PayPal system or credit card that you find above, or with another payment system previously agreed with me, such as bank transfer. Once the purchase has been made, the card in digital PDF format will be sent to you by email (see example in the image above), ready to be printed or delivered only digitally to the recipient. A nominal code will be shown on the card, which the beneficiary must communicate to me via email when booking the tour.

Those who buy the card will receive a regular invoice by email, which will contain, previously communicated, the tax data of the buyer or, if desired, of the recipient.

How can the recipient of the Gift Card book the tour?

Once the card has been received, the beneficiary will have time to finalise the booking for the whole of 2024. He or she will be able to fix the most convenient date for the guided tour. The remaining amount of the tour rate can be paid in advance by bank transfer, or by cash directly on the day of the tour. The regular tax invoice will follow, upon communication of the tax data.

What if I want to give the entire tour as a gift?

If you don’t want to simply give a discount voucher, but the whole tour as a gift, you can purchase a guided tour in which the beneficiary doesn’t have to pay anything! In this case, the only thing he or she will have to do is book a date with me to take advantage of the gift. The same conditions indicated above are applied to the beneficiaries, that is, the cost of the tour would always be 95 € for 3 hours, and 65 € for 2 hours (cost in total, not per person). You can purchase the 3-hour or 2-hour tour by selecting the purchase options via Paypal or credit card you find below. Once the purchase has fulfilled, a regular tax invoice will be sent by email.

Is the Gift Card refundable?

The Gift Card is non-refundable. In the event of an unforeseen that results in the cancellation of the tour on the fixed date, the discount coupon is always valid for another date. However, in case of renounce and non-use of the card by 31/12/2024, the value of the 25 € of the card will not be refunded.

More information

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