Guided tour to Donatello’s exhibition in Florence

visita guidata mostra donatello

A great exhibition dedicated to Donatello

A guided tour dedicated to Donatello’s exhibition held in Florence in 2022. An exhibition that it actually felt about. An exhibition that could also update the state of research on the great Florentine artist, the sculptor who modelled all the sculpture of the fifteenth century.

The exhibition dedicated to Donatello is hosted in the official offices of Palazzo Strozzi and the Bargello, but in reality it can be seen as a traveling exhibition, since all the institutions that host the artist’s works participate in the project, from Siena to Prato, in addition then to the Florentine institutions that have so much of the great Donatello.

Inaugurated on March 19th and visible until July 31st 2022, the exhibition is a great opportunity to discover the essence of a personality who shaped the art of the entire fifteenth century and also came to influence the artists of subsequent generations.

The exhibition opens with two essential works in the artistic tradition of Florence: the two crucifixes by Donatello and Brunelleschi, works that show a comparison and a challenge that took place between the two great sculptors, his works behind which there is also a very Interesting.

The 130 works on display are the clear testimony of an artist who was able to try his hand at the most diverse sculptural techniques and was also able to dominate them with mastery.

Guided tour of the Donatello exhibition

Precisely because of the importance of the works on display, it is necessary to dedicate a guided tour of the Donatello exhibition to discover the greatness of this great master ⟣